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Frequently Asked Questions

Lighting design can often be quite misunderstood. We at Lumenata will help you to decide if lighting design is something you should consider for your project. We will outline some of the benefits of working with a Lumenata lighting designer; and what they can offer to your project.

What are the benefits of working with a lighting designer?

Lumenata has vast knowledge of lighting techniques and technology to help you create a personalised environment. We work with you and your design team and electrician to enhance your living space, through the use of lighting colour, control and selection of statement luminaires where required, and we will be there to help and coordinate the lighting design until completion of the build.

Why is lighting so important in the way we live our lives?

Lighting really enhances a space and can create mood and atmosphere. If you take for example your home, your kitchen isn’t just used for food preparation, but its where we come together not only to eat, but to talk, create and to share stories. It is the heartbeat of your home, and it is the social place for entertaining friends and relaxing too. Being able to dress your kitchen and living space with light which works with the way we live our lives, makes a real difference to the experience of your living space.

How does the design service work?

Lumenata can be engaged directly by a client or via one of your design team. We then take the brief, visit the site, provide a lighting layout drawing, and if required we can also propose design lighting scene set suggestions. We are always on hand to answer any queries from the electrical team on site or any of the other design team members. We put ourselves at the centre of the project, and as designers, we will be the point of contact throughout the design implementation and installation.

Can you recommend suitable products that will work with my budget?

Knowing the budget is key. As soon as we know what your spend is for lighting we can use our industry knowledge to suggest luminaires for you which meet your budget and provide the look you want. Over the past 15 years, we have acquired vast knowledge of luminares design. We work with some of the most recognised lighting design brands in the world, and we will use all our skills in recommending the best luminaires that will bring value to your project.

Passionate about lighting design.

Passionate about lighting design.

Passionate about lighting design.

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