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Since the first men walked the earth, the human brain has been tuned to the intensity and colour of natural sunlight. But for many years, artificial lighting has been static in terms of intensity and colour, which is contrary to what the human body anticipates. LED lighting can be carefully controlled to match the intensity and colour of natural daylight and studies have shown that this can benefit the well being of mental health patients as well as improving workforce productivity and student attention span. Lumenata is committed to being at the forefront of making this lighting technology affordable.

The use of lighting can greatly benefit our well being. Whether it is biodynamic lighting that benefits people who suffer from mental conditions such as dementia, designing the lighting to help people who suffer from autism or simply selecting the right light for a work place environment, the Lumenata team are here to help and guide you to making the best decisions possible with your lighting products and designs.

Lighting can affect our mood, our wellbeing and even aid our recovery from illness. Lumenata is at the forefront of this ground breaking technology designing workplaces that make staff more productive and healthcare more effective that ultimately benefits the well being and recovery of its patients.

Wellness Case Studies

Gymnasium Lighting Project

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Passionate about lighting design.

Passionate about lighting design.

Passionate about lighting design.

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