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About Lumenata

Lumenata is an accredited Lighting Industry Association member and has grown over the last 15 years to become one of the most respected and successful lighting design practices in the northwest of England. We provide a high quality professional service and have developed specialist lighting expertise working in multiple environments.

Over the last two decades we have been providing lighting design advice to homeowners, architects, interior designers, electrical contractors and commercial end users of lighting. We are passionate about lighting design and believe that good quality lighting design improves our lives in so many ways. In residential applications it helps us to unwind at home where as in commercial applications, good lighting design can increase our productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

We know that our clients place huge value in the working relationships we build with them. Taking time to understand their business needs and aspirations has resulted in a high proportion of repeat business. We have been able to provide consistency to our clients through the longstanding directors and designers who have grown an understanding of our client’s specific needs. Our ‘hands on’ approach to project management provides the assurance to clients that their projects are completed with meticulous attention to detail.

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Our passion for design excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and heavy principal involvement from concept to final focusing contributes to our success. We have no preconceived notions about what works. We welcome new challenges and enjoy the exploration and research of unique lighting products and ideas. We offer solutions, but encourage collective decision making by the entire design team and client. Our goal is to provide the best possible lighting solution for our clients.

We enjoy what we do and delight in seeing a finished project that works for the client, site and community. We approach each project with an open mind. Every design is unique, a bespoke solution drawn from analysis of the site and brief. A thorough understanding of the client’s requirements and the constraints of the site is the first step to a finished project that everyone can be proud of.

We collaborate with clients, consultants and local stakeholders throughout the life of a project. Every project is overseen by senior qualified lighting designer to ensure quality of design and execution. Our design team have a diverse range of experience and skills that we can call upon to achieve the best outcome.

What our clients say

“Thank you for your contribution to the homelessness charity, Caritas Anchor House. Our 169 sq m room forms the social space for the 140 people who call Caritas Anchor House home. The lighting has transformed the space into a bright and welcoming environment for all to enjoy. You should feel proud of what you have helped to achieve.”

Niamh McCann, Caritas Anchor House, London

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Our Approach

Good lighting adds value. Our objective is to create value for our clients through good design, and through creating a better living and working environment. The process typically progresses as follows, but as every job is unique, so the process may vary from project to project:

Stage 1/ Initial Consultation

To introduce Lumenata to the customer and check there is a good fit of what the customer wants and what Lumenata can provide.

Stage 2/ Project Brief

Once the customer has engaged with Lumenata we work on a brief that will define the level of work that Lumenata will execute for its customer.

Stage 3/ Initial Design

An initial design is prepared by the team and reviewed with the client.

Stage 4/ Modified Design

The initial design is then modified and fine tuned as many times as needed so that the final design meets all the requirements of the client.

Stage 5/ Approved Design

Once the design is approved, we prepare more detailed information, as required, for the construction phase of the project

Passionate about lighting design.

Passionate about lighting design.

Passionate about lighting design.

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